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Since I can remember I have always enjoyed making people smile. I have worked with some of the culinary industry's greatest in Washington, DC, Florida, Maryland, Louisiana, New York, Pennsylvania, & Virginia. I have been an ambassador for several companies, a busboy, a server, a teacher, a personal nutrition trainer, a consultant, a cook at several hotels, and an executive chef at a four star hotel. My first job, EVER, was at Audubon Zoo feeding the little animals on the Discovery Walk! Feeding is an innate talent I posess but of all the things I have done my passion for sweets has always led me back to the same place - creating delicious desserts and pastries for anyone and everyone to enjoy and making them smile!

Bert’s Cake Studio is where my love-child, my need for baking, rests its head. Here I can be whimsical, I can play dress-up and be elegant, I can even fight with myself and clash in the flour field where war meets peace and savory meets sweet. The bottom line is here at Bert’s Cake Studio we can do anything. If you have a food idea that you want to see brought to life, step into Bert’s Cake Studio; it’s what we do!

Please take a look at our Signature Flavors and our Menu and give us a call. We have loads to offer and should you not see a combination you like…just ask! We enjoy the freedom to play and create. So step into the studio and we shall step into the creation department together!

Smile. Bake. Create!

It’s What We Do!


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